“Can we get a dog now?”

In one summer, I got married, moved several hundred miles from home, and my husband started grad school.  Needless to say, it wasn’t the time to get a new pet.

At this point, Daisy was no longer with us and my husband hadn’t had a dog in a decade.  We both loved dogs, and looked forward to adopting our first puppy together.  Several months after our move, we were almost at a point where we could get a dog and agreed we’d start looking at then end of March.

A day or two into March, my husband asked, “It’s March, can we get a dog now?”  I agreed that we could start searching for one, figuring it might take some time to find the dog we wanted to adopt.  At the time, we were still hashing out whether we wanted an 8 week old pup or one who was closer to a year old.

We visited the local humane society and fell in love with a 4 1/2 month old black and tan puppy.  We adopted him and were able to bring him home two days later.

Gambit was energetic, bright, stubborn, finishing up teething, struggling for dominance, and trying to eat all his toys.  Daisy had not prepared me for this, but with some hard work, Gambit became a good puppy.  While he did eat his first bed and tore holes in the couch covers, he didn’t eat the couch.

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1 Response to “Can we get a dog now?”

  1. ~~~S Wave~~~ says:

    “he didn’t eat the couch.” good boy!

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