Gambit’s Kitten

While we were still looking into fostering, Gambit and my husband heard meowing coming from a bush in our neighborhood and decided to investigate.  They found a young, underweight kitten.

While I spent time flea combing the kitten and my husband searched for the kitten’s owners or a new home for the kitten, Gambit decided that this kitten was his new baby.

He was curious about it.  But he also watched it, got upset if it was out of his reach, and was protective of it as if it were his own child.  Surprisingly, the dog who didn’t understand that sometimes other dogs didn’t want to play with him knew to be gentle with the kitten and didn’t try to play with it.

Our friends and family tried to insist that it was Gambit’s kitten and he should be allowed to keep it.  However, we had no desire to own a cat and Gambit doesn’t get to call the shots.  This kitty deserved a home in which it was well-loved.

Fortunately, a few days after the kitten was found, a graduate student saw my husband’s found animal posting on Craigslist, fell in love, and adopted Gambit’s kitten.


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