“I want to be a cow when I grow up.”

Opposites attract, so Gambit and Moca quickly became the best of friends.

Gambit has always been assertive though not aggressive in his quest to establish dominance, and Moca was extremely submissive.  Stubbornness has always been an obstacle in Gambit’s training when he doesn’t like or doesn’t understand the point of a new command, whereas Moca wanted to do nothing but please.

Moca loved people and demanded to be the center of attention and would seek affection, while Gambit refused to ask for it or show enjoyment of it unless we were at the vet’s office, which is one of his favorite places to visit.  In fact, we only knew he enjoyed affection from humans because he would become mopey and start whining softly when we took him somewhere people who didn’t give him attention.

Likewise, the two were yin and yang when it came to intelligence.  Moca constantly wore a happy “derp dog” expression on her face that Gambit didn’t and now only rarely uses.  Gambit with the correctly spelled name infrequently used in every day conversation, Moca’s a more common word but missing a letter.  Figure out which letter and I’ll post another dog picture.  Don’t figure out which letter and I’ll do that anyway.

Everyone who met Moca fell in love.  Dozens of people thought she was an ideal dog.  Unfortunately, no one was ever in a place where they could adopt a dog when they met her, so we got to spend a lovely summer with Moca.

One of the best things about Moca, though, had to do with her expression.  Someone once looked at her size as an older puppy and said, “She’s going to be a cow when she grows up.”

Look into Moca’s eyes, and say this phrase out loud:
“I want to be a cow when I grow up.”

We did this constantly and it was hilarious every time.  Were you able to resist laughing?


And now, because they were really good at sharing and copying each other:


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2 Responses to “I want to be a cow when I grow up.”

  1. ~~~S Wave~~~ says:

    They look very happy! Last picture makes me smile!

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