A home for Moca

Eventually, Moca had been with us for close to three months.

Moca’s sister was adopted two weeks after we brought Moca home.  We’d taken her to the puppy yard while we were out of town for two weeks in hopes that someone would see her and fall in love, but she was still there to welcome us back when we returned.

Not that we didn’t love Moca – everyone did – but by this time she was almost 9 months old.  She’d spent her entire young puppyhood in the shelter, animal hospital, puppy yard and a foster home.

During these months, she’d recovered from mange, learned to live in a house without eating the couches, gone for  lots of walks around the neighborhood, and logged many hours swimming.  She learned to sit, stay, come, heel, sit pretty, stand on her hind legs, and probably a handful of other things that have slipped my mind.  She’d stolen the hearts of everyone she met, breaking those of many who wanted to take her home but couldn’t.

This personable girl deserved to have a forever home.

A large number of students here adopt dogs during college, and my husband heard that there are usually students in the Animal Science department looking to bring home a new dog.  He e-mailed someone in the department, and eventually they forwarded his to the students.

One student who was looking for a swimming and running companion contacted us right away, and she was hoping Moca would fit the bill.  She called the animal hospital and arranged to foster Moca for a week to make sure that Moca and her roommate’s dog would get along before making the adoption official.

After setting up a time to meet, we went to the park early to take the dogs for a walk by the lake before handing off Moca.  With her favorite squeaky ball and food, Moca was handed over.  We thought this girl would be a great fit for Moca, and she was extremely responsible, kind and thorough in her questions about Moca.

It sounds like Moca had a great time during her trial week.  We were told that she was indeed a wonderful swimming and running companion, and a great dog in every respect.  Unfortunately, after Moca’s potential new owner had fallen in love, her boyfriend returned after having been out of town all week.

It sounds like he hadn’t been around dogs much previously and the roommate’s dog pretty much stayed in the bedroom more than the common areas of their home.  Either way, through Moca the boyfriend discovered he had a dog allergy.

Fortunately, Moca’s potential owner had the forethought to foster Moca before making a lifelong commitment and the allergy was discovered before the adoption papers were filled out.  Adoption decisions often need to be made after spending a very short period with an animal, and things don’t always work out.

Gambit was happy to have his best dog friend back, and so were we, even though we wanted Moca to have a home.

Within a couple days of our reunion with Moca, another student from the Animal Sciences department called the animal hospital wanting to meet her.  While I was at work, my husband set up an appointment to bring Moca to his house, the student and his roommate met her, decided to adopt her, and Moca moved into her new home.

It all happened really quickly and all I know is that Moca got to move into a house with a yard where she’d get to play fetch with a couple of college guys.  But she finally found her forever home!

With her couch eating days behind her, I hope Moca only ever cuddles and snoozes on her new dad’s couch.


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