Once Moca was adopted, Gambit spent a short time as an only dog.  He enjoyed having all the attention to himself, but was just mopey enough that I took pity on him and allowed him on the bed.

After a couple of weeks, my husband decided it was time for another foster.  Most of the dogs that were ready for a foster home at the time were recovering from injuries.  With Gambit still being a puppy who had to play with any dog he saw, it was pretty clear he would break these healing dogs.  So instead, we ended up bringing home a puppy around 4-5 months old.

Sierra was a gray brindle and white girl who was found as a stray by college students who weren’t able to keep her.  She was a smart little girl, and knew she was adorable.

Gambit did not like Sierra.  He loved every single dog he met, was greatly interested in cats who hadn’t yet hissed at him, and refused to express his interest in people, but he was not willing to let this loveable puppy be his friend.

I didn’t make the connection at the time, but during this time Gambit’s staph infections had been joined by a case of mange that had not yet been diagnosed.  When we brought home Sierra, he may have been on a short round of steroids following several rounds of antibiotics.  He was probably just not feeling his best and became irritable as a result.

Either way, Sierra figured out a game she could still play with Gambit.  She would run up to Gambit, then run away from him.  At this point, she looped behind the couch and back to Gambit.  Running behind the couch was lots of fun.

After only five days, we took Sierra to the animal hospital to meet with a couple who met Sierra before we brought her home.  They had recently lost their dog, who the wife had for many years and looked just like Sierra.  It sounds like she was a great dog, and very quick to learn – housebroken in just one day.  While I’m fairly certain Sierra was almost or completely done with housebreaking at this point, it’s difficult to tell after such a short time.

That day, Sierra found her home.  Based on the description of what the couple was looking for, it sounded like she would be a very good fit.  I hope she ended up being even a quarter or half as great as their previous dog!


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