Proposed Foster Regulations

I have no problem with rescues checking out foster homes, making sure other dogs in the home are vaccinated and friendly, receiving adequate exercise, etc.  But imagine the impact these proposed regulations would have on foster parents, rescues, and even euthanasia rates!

Pet Foster Parents Say Proposed Regulations Go Too Far « CBS Boston.

We have carpet and the only separate area to bathe dogs would be with an outdoor hose.  If these regulations were passed in our municipality, we would have to move.  Thankfully, we don’t live in the northeast.  But what if, like bully type dog regulations, other local governments jumped on the bandwagon?

Foster parents, does your home meet these requirements?


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1 Response to Proposed Foster Regulations

  1. Wow…I understand the end goal is to protect animals, but seriously? They want to turn down a potential foster family because they have carpet? Insane. Rescues RELY on foster families, who are already in short enough supply, why make it even harder for them? Ugh.

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