Couches are for napping

Our half eaten couches and their shredded covers are, of course, a well-loved spot in our home.  The couches are where we watch TV, sit to get out of the way of playing dogs, check our e-mail, play games, and generally relax.  Of course, it’s also a common spot for the dogs to nap or cuddle with us.

Okay, Gambit naps or cuddles.  Rusty is another story.

Rusty tries his best to be a laid back couch dog, and about half the time that he’s invited up he does succeed.

He snuggles right up to us and becomes a 35 lb lap dog and world class cuddle buddy.

Cuddling with my dogs has been one of my favorite things since I was little, and Rusty enjoys it peacefully during these times.

Unfortunately, the other half of the time, he’s just too excited.

For Rusty, the couch is not just a place for relaxation.  It’s also a vantage point where he’s higher than Gambit.  The moment Gambit walks by, Rusty launches straight off the couch and attacks him.  Suddenly, it’s play time!

Sometimes, he is excited but still tries to cuddle.  During enthusiastic moods, Rusty is a very active cuddler.

He rolls around with a huge grin on his face, hoping for a belly rub.  He tosses his head from side to side so both sides of his neck can be scratched as well as his chin.  He thrashes around and there’s no stopping him.  Those cute little brindle feet go running through the air and he starts throwing out high fives left and right.  Recently, cuddle time ended when he tossed his skull right into my face.

This happy little guy can be the perfect couch dog or a kid who just wants to jump on the couch as high as he can go.  It all depends on the moment.

At least Russells is a pretty darn cute half-pro cuddler!


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  1. Your post makes me really happy

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