Dog tags

Daisy was a pro at losing her tags.  We finally gave up on ordering tags and had a military dog tag made at an amusement park, figuring it was just going to get lost anyway.  She managed to keep those tags for a decade!  She did also have a collar with her info embroidered on it in case she lost her tags again.

I’m not huge on the idea of an embroidered collar for Gambit since we no longer live in the country and I do post photos of him online.  Instead, he has a fun tag from Dog Tag Art.

Of course, I must admit that we haven’t always been good about keeping tags on the fosters.  Until recently, I hadn’t found anywhere in the area where tags could be made on the spot and some of the fosters were here for only about a week.  The number for the animal hospital is on their rabies tags, our fosters are all in their computer system.

A few months ago, we went through a spree of finding dogs.  All found their homes, but had no ID tags.  We were able to locate their homes through rabies tags, microchip tags and Facebook.

That gave me a wake up call to realize that, while the dogs could get back to us from the number on their rabies tags, it would be much easier for anyone who found them if they had phone numbers.  So we got default “Adopt Me” tags to be transferred from foster to foster.

Today, while browsing Craigslist for something or other, I stumbled upon a post for a dog found in our town the night of the local fireworks show with rabies tag but no ID.  She looks a little slimmer and darker in this picture than I remembered, so I looked to double check markings and I’m 95% sure it’s Mocaccino.

Fortunately, when I called the number on the Craigslist post, they said she’d made it back to her home.

I really miss this girl, and now that I know she is in the area this summer, I would love to see her again – and maybe get her a new tag as a present if she doesn’t have one yet!  We hadn’t seen her around town at all and her owner was a college student, so we figured by now it was very possible that Moca had moved.

We no longer have the phone number of her adopter but are debating asking whether we’d be allowed to get the number and see if they’d like to set up a play date.

Moca and Gambit got along really well, and were even willing to chew on their Nylabone together.  Gambit was pretty heartbroken when she left since he didn’t see her being given to her new owner.

Foster parents, do you have any thoughts on this?  Would it be strange after almost a year to contact an adopter and ask about seeing Moca?  I’m wondering if it would be appropriate as long as it’s initiated through the animal hospital or, if from a dog parent’s perspective, it would just be odd and uncomfortable since we haven’t kept in touch.


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3 Responses to Dog tags

  1. Don’t be shy! Reach out and check on your former foster, especially considering she seems to have recently been lost. After everything we went through with Charlie Machete I’m now a firm believer in periodic checkins with adopters.

    • I still can’t believe Charlie Machete ended up at a shelter instead of the rescue being contacted! It sounded like this was a decent home – Moca went to a student in the Animal Science department – but I know stuff happens.

      I have had dogs who are normally great about waiting patiently a few feet from the door when another dog is being taken outside slip past me, coming out of nowhere (including Moca and Gambit). There are occasions where our dogs have their collars off like when Gambit had baths twice a weekly for mange and when Edwin comes out of his crate. Moca is a pretty bombproof dog but I do remember her and Gambit barking at fireworks being set off in our neighborhood last year so I wouldn’t be surprised if her escape was fireworks related.

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