In high school, I always worried if I couldn’t get home before a thunderstorm hit.  Daisy was terrified of thunderstorms and there was always an interesting mess to clean up if no one was home- although she did make sure it was never on the carpet for some reason!

Thunderstorms are often a daily occurrence for us in the summer.  They’re very short and isolated, so it’s sometimes possible to watch it rain fifty feet away and not feel a drop of water.

Gambit, Moca and Rusty don’t even notice thunderstorms and just bark at very loud, close fireworks, so I forgot that a lot of dogs are afraid of things that go “boom.”

We didn’t have any storms for the first few weeks we had Edwin, but sure enough, he is absolutely terrified of both thunder and fireworks.

He seeks small, dark areas- particularly underneath the bed.

He’s got a pretty stocky build and can just barely squeeze under there.

During one storm, I covered up his crate so it would be dark and that did seem to help him calm down a bit.

We have never seen him take up less than 2/3 of the space in his crate before this.

Gambit has always tried to be the mother hen where a very young or scared animal is involved, and this is no exception.

Rusty kept an eye on Edwin, too!


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