Visiting Smelly Nellie

At the end of May, we made a road trip to our hometown to attend family and friends’ major life events.  With Rusty and Gambit in tow, this meant it was back to having the two of them and Nellie in one household for a few days.

After five months, they still recognized each other instantly the moment we arrived.  They roughhoused for ages until they collapsed tiredly onto Nellie’s king size dog bed, my dad managed a few more three-dog walks on days we were gone, Smellerella sang us some songs and they donned matching camouflage car harnesses.

Sadly, they missed out on joining us to go to towns containing The Sweetest Place on Earth and Little Round Top, but we didn’t get do any touristing there anyhow.

Still, it was a great week to be a dog!


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3 Responses to Visiting Smelly Nellie

  1. It certainly does look like a great week to be a dog

  2. Aw, Nellie’s turkey neck and hound face reminds me of my Rufus! Somehow he lost out on those long legs!

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