Gambit loves laying in the sun.

Fortunately, Gambit’s grandaddy and his granddaddy’s neighbor built a big deck for him to commandeer.

When given the options of a shady tree or a spot in the sun, Gambit will choose the sun 90% of the time.

If we didn’t haul him inside, he just might sit out there until he passed out despite having a doggie pool with cool water within reach.

If he stays quiet, he’s got a good shot at watching fun critters like squirrels, birds and rabbits.  Good luck with that one, noisy boy!

While the wildlife is hiding from Gambit, he still gets to look out for deer having a bite to eat by the woods and birds hanging out by the pond.

Gambit’s grandmom also make sure to keep lots of flowers on the deck to keep his hound nose busy!


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