Stubby little legs

Rusty and I are both vertically challenged.

For me, historically this has meant climbing to reach top shelves, the ability to ride the kiddie lesson ponies, and being dwarfed by one side of my family.

For Rusty, it means he can surprise people with just how fast he can run, but when he swims out too far his short legs stop keeping him afloat.  He turns back to shore as soon as this happens, but I still have to meet him halfway or he starts taking on water.

I never thought I would need to buy a dog life jacket since we don’t go boating, but we agreed that it was a necessity.  Unfortunately, we needed a life jacket for Rusty more quickly than Amazon could deliver.

We see dogs wearing life jackets every so often, but didn’t realize just how popular they are.  At 1 pm on truck day at the pet store, there were no life jackets in stock.  Thankfully, my family searched several stores that carry pet supplies and managed to nab one!

Rusty has only tested it out in the ocean, where he doesn’t go out quite as deep, but I’m sure he’ll learn to love it!


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3 Responses to Stubby little legs

  1. I should gert one for my dog who, amazingly cannot swim at all. She has fallen into a pool twice and each time just songs to the bottom. Weird.

    • Oh no! Not all dogs can swim and others can’t swim well. She’d be much safer having a jacket when she has access to pools. Rusty’s jacket works well and has a front flap to keep his chin up. Most of the good ones also have a handle on the top so you can pull your dog out if it falls off a boat, in a pool, etc.

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