Splish splash

While Gambit has seen the ocean before, the rest of the dogs hadn’t.  Actually, Nellie had only seen creeks, since it was too cool for the lakes when we fostered her.

Nellie loved running around in the waves!

She also met a twin, complete with similar markings.

Things that are yummy to Nellie include dirt, super smelly things she finds on the ground, and sand.

Gambit had fun chasing the foam left by the waves as it blew away.  When the beach wasn’t too crowded, they got to run around on 50 foot leads, trying to trip us.  While one dog on a 50 foot lead is fantastic, three dogs on long leads is obviously a poor idea.

Rusty spent much of the time running around in his new life jacket, but didn’t end up testing it’s usefulness since the water wasn’t too deep during times where dogs were allowed on the beach and the current was a little strong for him at times.  As usual, he was in love with the water half the time and unimpressed by it but willing to walk along the beach for the other half.

Edwin got to hang out in the air conditioning since there were too many dogs at the beach for him to enjoy himself.


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1 Response to Splish splash

  1. Trying to imagine the chaos of 3 dogs on long leads at the beach. Luckily, here, when we get to go to the coast, my dog can run free, which is much, much easier.

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