Bath Time

When dogs need baths at our house, it tends to be a doggie bathing marathon.

Gambit is very well behaved since he spent much of his puppyhood battling staph infections and demodex.

This involved baths up to three times a week, shampoo left on for 15 minutes, leave-in conditioner, a conditioning spray that smelled like pina colada, and lots of treats.

However, it meant he eventually grew enough of an undercoat to stop curling up in the tightest little ball possible by December and finally start shedding by mid-July.

His vet is forever impressed by how nice his coat is after how moth-eaten he used to look.

The only thing he didn’t get for his first birthday was a fur coat!

I’m still having difficulty believing that he has enough hair to shed his winter coat!

So, Gambit tolerates baths very well even though he still doesn’t like them.  He even braved his first shower like a champ!

Rusty and Edwin, while also fairly tolerant once the bath is underway, are a bit unhappy about getting in the tub or getting hose baths.

At the beach, everyone needed baths to take care of sand and smelly collars.  This was the result:


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2 Responses to Bath Time

  1. Gambit looks really puzzled by that puzzle.

    • He was very intense, waiting to see where each piece would go! Even though he still ate everything at the time, he didn’t go for any pieces while he was watching me – although I think he may have snuck one later.

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