Fenced Yard Fun

While Nellie behaves wonderfully off leash, it’s rare for our boys to have the opportunity to run free.

During the winter, Gambit and Rusty spent time at the dog park almost daily.  In an area where it’s sunny and warm past sunset, our black dogs overheat too quickly in the summer for them to enjoy the park.  There’s the lake, of course, and they sometimes hop around in the kudzu on the long lead in the evening, but they don’t get to run free.

Fortunately, the beach house had a great back yard.  It had a fence to prevent wandering and excessive critter/passerby sightings, a deck that was perfect for leaping off the side, fun things to smell, and plants and trees to weave through.  Best of all, it was very well shaded so the dogs could play in the yard for quite a while without feeling the heat.


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2 Responses to Fenced Yard Fun

  1. I have fallen head over heels in love with Rusty – his body type reminds me so much of Ru’s, and I love his face.

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