After some fun in the sun, we decided to continue traveling and head north to see family and friends.

Without a lake or ocean to swim in, the boys got to use Nellie’s pool.

Gambit had no desire to hop in the pool.

In fact, he was certain it was essentially the same as a bath tub.

Granted, he did used to have some pretty terrible baths!  Maybe he needs a sprinkler since his first shower didn’t phase him.

Eddie stayed in the pool for a grand total of one second.

His preference was to prance joyfully in circles.

Since he preferred running over the pool, thick-coated Ed didn’t get to spend too much time outdoors.

Unlike the others, Rusty was very interested in the pool.

He also understood how to maximize its cooling capabilities.

When he was outside, he’d run over to lay in the pool as soon as he warmed up.

The little guy just loves water.

Are your dogs managing to conquer the summer heat like Rusty?


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2 Responses to Poolside

  1. Rufus feels similarly to the first two dogs – a kiddy pool is nothing more than a cold bath, haha. He prefers the rugged outdoors water – ponds and lakes, thank you very much!

  2. Such cute photos. My dog doesn’t need to worry about heat until you guys send our sun back but I can firmly say it will not be dealt with through water – shes terrified of it!

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