Two ingredient treats

The boys and I decided it would be a good idea to make some treats.  Unfortunately, I forgot to inform them that the treats were actually for Spittoono and not last night’s dinner.

I settled on these, because dog treat recipes call for a lot of ingredients I don’t keep on hand and they are much more simple than the complicated yummiest treats ever that my dad makes.

In fact, all I used was carrot baby food and 100% whole wheat flour.

Gambit and Rusty helped with the baby food.  Since they never get people food except peanut butter and the occasional baby carrot, they thought this was a great treat.


Ready to go in the oven!


All packaged up and ready to go.

The boys begged me to let them test the extras.

Since the full size treats were a little chewy, I broke them up into training treats.

The treats were a hit.  The boys were eager to do as many tricks as possible so they could have more!




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4 Responses to Two ingredient treats

  1. What a good idea. Maybe I’ll give it a try, although Litchi will never touch anything that isn’t meat. Oh well, maybe a small batch and we’ll see if we can widen her taste bud horizons.

    • You can do add ins, with meat it would probably just need to be cooked before adding it and frozen or refrigerated after making them. Or, since baby food is basically pureed veggies in water, I wonder if there’s a way to sub meat that way. Puree some carrots or blueberries in beef stock, maybe?

  2. Stasha says:

    Wanted to let you know I was lurking and really enjoying the blog. There’s nothing better to break up the monotony of a work day than puppy pics 🙂

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