Rusty’s Play Date

The morning before Day 3 of Spittoono, Rusty had a serious conversation about his future with my family.

The most important concern was the fact that his foster grandparents’ voices were coming out of this strange plastic box.

On Saturday, Rusty got to have a very important play date.  He was meeting another dog.  To be more specific, we went to a park to make sure he and his potential new best doggie friend would get along.

Things went well, and after discussing more about the little guy who’s shy around new people but a bundle of personality at home, we went for a walk.

Rusty thought this was the perfect opportunity to show off his love of water.


After returning home, he wasn’t quite sure what to think when he learned that he’d be returning to Spittoono for Day 3.  The second day had gone well, but would the third day go even better?

We headed to Spittoono before it got crowded, where Rusty’s new mom met us at the Crossroads booth to hand in Rusty’s adoption application.

After donning his new tag and upgrading from a neutral black collar to a handsome red one, it was time for Rusty to head off to his new home with his little bag of possessions.  His life jacket and favorite bee had to stay with him, of course!

I thought it was going to be really tough to part with Rusty since he is probably the most precious little guy ever and was with us for nearly ten months.  The idea of sending a dog along on it’s journey is joyful after a few days or a couple months but a little stressful when it’s only two and a half months short of a year.

Fortunately, we got to spend a solid hour talking to his new owner during his play date and it sounds like he will have a great forever home!  It’s made the transition twenty times easier than I expected, and even Gambit has done very well after witnessing the hand off.

While it will probably take Rusty a few days to fully open up and show off his fun personality, everything has gone well on our end.

Of course, it might also help that we know Rusty is in good hands, he only moved a mile down the street, and we’ve made promises of play dates in the future.

Happy life, Mr. Rustypants!




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2 Responses to Rusty’s Play Date

  1. Delft says:

    So glad Rusty has found his forever home. I wish every stray as much luck.
    Three cheers to you for making the fairy story come true for one more doggie heart!

  2. So hard to let go but Congratulations on finding him a great new home! What a wonderful person you are, to have put in so much time and effort, just to say goodbye. We applaud you!!!!

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