Last night, it actually cooled off a bit without raining, so Gambit and I took a little trip to the dog park.  He hasn’t gotten to play with other dogs much since Rusty moved out.  Eddie isn’t quite sure how to play, although Rusty was teaching him right before getting adopted.

Gambit quickly discovered something way better than running, wrestling, catching balls or chasing sticks.

Fruit!  There was an area a few feet from the water fountain that had some sort of dirt-covered fruit strewn on the ground.

After being told to leave it, drop it, and have his mouth opened to remove this fruit scented substance the first two times Gambit meandered over to the fruit area, he came up with a new idea.

He wasn’t really going after the fruit.  He was actually just headed for the water fountain.  Surely he could fake out his momma.

Gambit would not give up on this trickery.  He’d head toward the fruit and start looking for the yummy stuff.  I’d follow to keep him from eating it.  Gambit would act as if he’d never been interested in the fruit and run to the fountain for a quick drink.  If I stayed there, he’d continue to drink.  If I started to walk away, he’d take a few steps to the fruit, spot me, and go right back to the fountain.

I wish I had a video, because it must have looked ridiculous.  And writing down what happened, it sounds almost made up to me, but his antics were witnessed and laughed at by a couple other dog park regulars so I know it’s true!

We’ve always said our Gambo was too smart for his own good.  As a puppy, he’d figure out things quickly when he wanted to do so and be uncooperative if he just didn’t see the point – why would any dog in their right mind shake hands with a human?

His independent streak didn’t help.  Give all the positive praise in the world for coming back while off leash and he’d run around as long as he wanted because he’d get a treat anyway.  Give him a time out when finally caught after not listening to coming, and he’d run around as long as he wanted because he’d just get in trouble for getting caught.

I’m pretty sure someone has told him the saying “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  He isn’t ever fooled twice.

But this time, my boy was trying to fool me!  It was one of the smartest and silliest things I’d ever seen him do.

Does anyone else have a dog that’s intentionally tried to trick them?


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2 Responses to Trickery

  1. What a brilliant dog Gambit is! I just love this post. It’s hilarious and I hate to imagine how many spots he was able to mark, after drinking so much water trying to fool you 🙂 I’m thoroughly impressed with his brain power – good on you Gambit!

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