What the dogs think of dubstep

We’ve barely had a moment to breathe for the last two months, so Rusty might make a few belated appearances.  We haven’t gotten to have a visit with him yet, but it sounds like he is making great progress on settling in and opening up.  He’s even “said woooo!” for his new owner, which takes a really high level of happy and excited.


Anyhow, we learned a few weeks ago that the dogs tend to be on my side when it comes to opinions on dubstep.

“Dad, I was trying to sleep.”

“Please make that terrible noise stop.”

Rusty’s ears seemed to be quite offended.

“It just sounds like noise.”



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2 Responses to What the dogs think of dubstep

  1. So glad to hear Rusty is settling in well. Must make you really happy, especially after having to let him go after such a long time with you. Hope you get to have play dates soon!

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