Playing Dress Up

Gambit was very fortunate that last winter was a very warm one.  He had no undercoat and quite a few missing patches of fur, and spent the cool fall huddled under blankets and curled up in the tightest little ball.  Until winter hit and it warmed up (so strange), his ears were always freezing.

While he does have an undercoat now, he still has a short, thin coat and will probably be quite cold still.  We’re fairly certain this hound mix has some Doberman in him as well.  So this winter’s goal is to find a light winter jacket for walks and a cozy sweater to wear indoors on colder days.

Unfortunately, my criteria for the sweater are:
– Not fashionable, without patterns, hoods, or other decoration (per my husband’s request)
– Fits a lean, deep-chested 50 lb dog
– Easy to put on and take off, with no sleeves, individual arm holes, or back leg loops
– No turtleneck styles – his neck is the one place where he already has a thick coat
– Inexpensive, since he also needs an outdoor jacket
– Ideal: black cable knit blanket-style sweater for $25 with shipping

Needless to say, the search hasn’t turned up much.  Although they would be too warm for him, in a moment of frustration I decided to toss one of my sweatshirts on Gambit to see how big it was on him.

Conclusion: he could swim in it, and was not too pleased with the idea.

Of course, I had to see what Eddie thought.  Unless Eddie moves to the Arctic Circle, he will probably never need a jacket.  After he finishes shedding, it’s still difficult to reach his skin under all that fur while giving him a good scratch.



Being a very laid back dog the majority of the time, Eddie was perfectly happy with this arrangement.

Can you tell who is unhappy to be wearing a hoodie?



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