Doggie Sports

Our dogs don’t take part in real dog sports.  I would love to do agility training with Gambit.  It’s just not in the cards at the time being, and neither is pseudo-agility training since we don’t have a sufficient yard and there are kids playing on the local playgrounds until sundown most nights.

Instead, they find alternatives.  (While Rusty has settled in and is having a blast at his forever home, he will probably make a few more appearances since there are a lot of photos while we were traveling or right before he was adopted that never made it up here!)

Rusty and Nellie dabbled in creek stomping.


Wrestling is well-loved by all, although Eddie wrestles with people rather than other dogs.

Disclaimer: no dogs were harmed during this or any other wrestling matches.

They debated learning to ride the neighbors’ horses, but decided against it.


Eddie wasn’t entirely sure that he liked these large, strange creatures.  They were a little scary.  He decided that he would pretend to be a horse instead.

Group power-walking is always interesting.

Nellie has even took up gymnastics!

Okay, that was just one my sister dreamed up one week when her employer didn’t have a full week’s worth of work for her to do.

A dog can dream can’t she?


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6 Responses to Doggie Sports

  1. Loved your “no animals were harmed” bit – you are so funny 😀
    Wow, that last pic is incredible. Golly, some people are so clever with this photo editing stuff 🙂

  2. Delft says:

    What about tug-of-ball?
    And chew-the-shoe?
    Or even stare-down-the-human-till-they-throw-the-stick?

    • Gambit is great at the stare down, complete with one raised lip, rear end hovering just above the ground and body tilted at nearly a 45 degree angle because he can’t quite stay seated properly out of sheer anticipation. Alternately, he will bark and jump, which results in a longer wait time.

  3. So funny! Our dogs would totally be best friends… creek stomping, crazy wrestling, and horseback riding (sort of) are there top three favorite activities!

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