Dogs at work

Gambit and Eddie don’t just lounge around all day.  They earn their keep, constantly on the lookout for pesky groundhogs, feral cats, and the occasional escaped dog.

Recently, they’ve become very good at barking once then sitting quietly by the door when they see a person walking, a car pulling into the driveway, or something else exciting in the street.  How they got to that point, I’m not sure.  It came after I gave up on training them to stop after one bark.


While they both love pretty much ever human and Gambit is overly excited to see friends (something to work on whenever possible), they’re very good at identifying strangers who approach the door – not the mailman or UPS guy, but people we have never seen.  These boys are fully aware of stranger danger under only the most specific of circumstances.

Eddie would make someone a great lookout, best buddy, and running partner!


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  1. Good for you Gambit and Eddie – earning you keep the best way a dog can!

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