Play Date

Last weekend, Gambit had an exciting play date.  We met up with Rusty at the dog park!

He didn’t let me pet him when we arrived, which I expected since he hadn’t seen us in two months.  He let my husband pet him right away and gave me a couple high fives after he played a bit.

It was a short play date since it started raining, but the boys still managed to fit in a good bit of   and some frantic games of tag.  Sadly for Gambit, there aren’t always dogs there who are up for his brand of play lately.  Unfortunately all of my photos were pretty blurry since the boys were forever on the move and Rusty whizzes by like a madman.

Rusty is doing very well and his owner is understanding of and willing to work on his fears.  He’s meeting new people in a way that works well for him – he gets ignored and can approach people as he becomes comfortable.

We all enjoyed seeing him, and I’m glad he has a great forever home.  After experiencing some setbacks as a puppy, that smart and willing boy really deserved it.  Thank you, Spittoono, for helping Rusty find his perfect match!

It would be wonderful if Eddie could have a new home for the holidays – Rusty was our previous record holder at just shy of 9 months, but Eddie is catching up at just over 7 months.


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2 Responses to Play Date

  1. So pleased to hear how well Rusty is doing and it’s brilliant that he’s getting to meet people on his terms, being ignored till he approaches – that’s just perfect. We are all holding paws that Eddie finds and equally good forever home very, very soon.

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