Respect for the couches

This weekend, we had a lead on a potential home for Edwin.  Unfortunately, things changed and it didn’t end up working out.  Hopefully the big guy finds a home soon – he has been with us for 7 months now and he deserves to have a great owner!

So this morning, I want to focus on the positive.  Unlike some of the dogs who have been through our house, particularly Gambit, Edwin has always been very respectful of our couch and couch covers.  He has not moved furniture or even considered eating it.

In fact, he hasn’t even been interested in sneaking onto the couches when we’re not looking.  Or the bed, for that matter.  Thank you, Eddie, for being kind to the furniture!

Recently, we started inviting coercing Edwin onto the couches. When our fosters are allowed on furniture, it is by invitation only.  That way, their forever homes have the option of not allowing them on the furniture and the dogs will still respect that wish.

Edwin is still not entirely sure that it is okay for him to be on the couches, but eventually he manages to relax.


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