Christmas Stockings

The first Christmas after I got married, we had no Christmas stockings.  I had searched high and low, but couldn’t find affordable stockings that I liked and thought would hold up in the long run.

Mostly, the problem was that I’d had the same stocking for my entire life, and it was still hanging on my parents’ mantle.  My mom made them, and I have never found anything similar or even as sturdy.  These things held a ridiculous quantity of candy and stocking stuffers- even heavy items- and have held up well over the years.

The size is tailored to the individual – large for my sister and me, medium for my parents, and small for the dogs.  They are each made from a different sturdy quilted Christmas patterned fabric in red, white, and/or green.  The stockings for humans are cross-stitched with our names and a Christmas bear.

Last Thanksgiving, we found the cross-stitch patterns my mom had used back in the 80s to make the stockings.  There were still a number of unused bears  Naturally, I started stitching like a madman, we spent hours locating quilted Christmas fabric, my mom assembled the whole thing, and voila, a stocking for my husband!

This year, I stitched bears for Nellie and Gambit so they could have pretty stockings, too.


Gambit received his last week and immediately knew it was his.


Fortunately, I got it back before he tore off any fabric.


Okay, he only allegedly tried to eat it.  Realistically, it could have been any Dobie-hound in a gray sweater, right?


My goal for next year is to make a stocking for the fosters.  This year, Gambit will just have to share!


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