What’s better than a blankie?

A self-warming blankie, of course!

Once upon a time, Daisy May had a beloved blanket that was fuzzy on top and crinkly inside.  The fuzzy part was nice and cozy, and the crinkly part trapped her body heat and radiated it back up to her.

When I started looking for a similar blanket to keep chilly Gambo warm, there were none to be found.  Eventually, we stumbled upon them, but they were pretty expensive for our taste.  While the dogs usually snuggle on their beds, there’s that whole issue of the occasional young foster pup teething, feeling mischievous, stirring up trouble, or realizing their life’s calling for interior design.  In other words, expensive beds and blankies are a no-go.

I finally found the perfect warm blanket for the boys on Amazon for a very reasonable price.  Officially, it’s a self-warming crate pad.  It’s thick and cushy, soft, has a bottom that appears to be non-skid for crates, and it definitely keeps the boys nice and warm.  As soon as one dog moves from the pad, the other swoops in and nabs it.






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