Pictures with Santa

Gambit’s early Christmas present at 8 weeks old was being surrendered to the shelter.  He spent nearly three months of his puppyhood at OHS, including both of the times it’s snowed here during his life.

Seriously, how did this precious face get passed up for over 11 weeks?


Several of our fosters have also spent time at OHS – Eddie, Rusty, and I believe Moca.  The others I’m not sure about, but Crossroads regularly gets litters and sick or injured dogs from the shelter, so it’s definitely possible.

This weekend, we took Gambit to PetSmart for a picture Santa because half of the fee goes to the shelter.

Gambit has been to quite a few stores, including two pet stores, two Tractor Supplies, the bank, and even a frozen yogurt shop.  He’s taken walks downtown and joined us for a quick bite anywhere that has outdoor tables.  On a game day stroll through town, he was well-behaved.  Okay, it may have helped that he got to walk off some energy on the way since we can’t drive there on game day.  For scale, the town population more than doubles when school is in session, then triples from the school year population size for football games.


Unfortunately, Gambit hasn’t made it to town often lately or been inside stores in quite a while, and clearly we need to start working on that again.  He was slipping and sliding all over the floors.  He chirped at the birds and was thrilled to see kitty cats (also OHS animals).  Every single object was sniffed, and I can’t even pretend he wanted to sit still for Santa!

Thankfully, I had brought some bribery and once a treat showed up, he settled down long enough for a picture.


Since Eddie didn’t get to go, he had his picture taken with Gambit’s picture with Santa.


Merry Christmas from the Couches for Breakfast household!

Congrats to Anna Banana and Polly Pocket, who both got forever homes for Christmas!  While it’s a difficult transition for foster families, it is always wonderful to see a great adoption.  Eddie would like to remind everyone that he is still looking for his forever home.  Contact Crossroads Animal Hospital for more info.


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