Winter Beach Day

Last weekend stayed rainy and dreary until Sunday afternoon.  The drizzle broke and it reached 70 degrees, so of course we had to head over to the lake to wear out the dogs a bit!  It turned out to be a day of firsts for one dog.


The intention was that since the water would be too cold to swim surprisingly warm and inviting, Gambit would end up less muddy much dirtier than at the dog park and Eddie could join in on the fun.


Fortunately for Gambit, there are always sticks to be found on the beach.  We learned the hard way that floating toys really just things that will drift into boat territory when a dog loses interest, and therefore a waste of money.

For the record, Chuck It! Whistler balls do not float and waiting five minutes for the mud to settle is necessary if one rolls into the water and you can’t see where it ended up.  I assume.



After almost 10 months of watching Gambit become overjoyed to find, chase, or chew on a stick, Eddie finally decided to see what the big deal was.


Despite never having expressed interest in sticks before – or, for that matter, any toy when outdoors – Eddie LOVED sticks.


Locating every stick in the water became his new goal.  No stick was too heavy for Eddie to attempt to recover it!



In addition to locating, freeing, and fetching sticks, Eddie discovered boat wakes as they reached the shore.  Like sticks, he had seen these many times before.  But that day was different.  Every wake had to be chased and captured in its entirety.  I guess if a labrador can’t hunt small game, there are always wakes, right?


Like the dog park, the beach after a few days of rain is a great place for digging in the mud.  Maybe someday, the lake will be within a couple of feet of full again so the pups can concentrate on the sand!

Eddie’s third discovery of the day was that digging in the mud is absolutely exhilarating!  Pouring all of your weight into each dig and pulling with both front paws simultaneously for maximum effect is a must for super-fun digging.  Check back tomorrow to see Eddie’s enthusiasm in action.  It’s pretty stinking cute.


As a lab mix, Eddie loves to swim.  While he happily spends a lot of his lake time in the water and this visit was no exception, it was exciting to see how thrilled he was about his fun new discoveries.


I can only hope that the next time it warms up while we have free time, Eddie will remember his new ways to have fun at the beach!

We’ll see if this lasts in the summer when more people are hanging out at the lake.  Wandering stranger-dogs and being separated from his foster siblings to avoid tangled long leads are a little stressful for Eddie.  He ‘s only been to the beach a handful of times since we went down to two dogs, and he was definitely able to relax more on this visit.

Have you ever witnessed a moment where something suddenly clicked and a dog figured out how to have a blast?


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