Ice Day!

While we’re not from somewhere that gets tons of snow like the Great Lakes or New England, PA still gets a number of snow and ice storms.

The ice storms are my favorite, as long as I don’t lose power or have to go anywhere during them.  There’s a reason Central PA drivers are not known to be superb at handling driving in winter storms and unless all wheel drive is involved, I’m no an exception to the rule.  Still, I love when every branch is coated in a shiny layer of ice!


After spending several winters trudging across college campuses in the cold, wind, and snow, we were pretty certain we wanted to move south.  Snowpocalypse sealed the deal.  It covered our town in 4 feet of snow with 6+ foot drifts due to open fields, required the use of construction equipment to pile the snow high enough, and resulted in chunks of pavement torn out of nearly every road.




Since we’ve moved South, we’ve seen snow twice – both times in our first winter.  A white Christmas with little enough snow to prevent the building of a conventional snowman, and a 4″ snow (heavier in some areas) that shut down the area for a week and had everyone insisting that they had a full foot of snow.


Meet Hideoso the snowman, watching over downtown from a prominent campus field on a chilly night.

Needless to say, I’m excited about the ice storm we’re supposed to have today.  It might not live up to my expectations, but we have had a bit of sleet.  I want to know what the boys think of ice!

Gambit had his walk earlier in the sleet.  Until he discovered a particularly riveting scent, he had more pep in his step than usual and was happy to concentrate on the walk instead of smells on the ground.  Returning home and having a cold, wet face after the sleet on his head melted was a pretty miserable experience for him, though.


We’ll see what the evening brings, but for now the boys are content to cuddle up under their super-soft and very warm blankies!




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One Response to Ice Day!

  1. Aw, precious cutie poos all cuddled up. Love the ice on the branches – just so magical and mystical.

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