Foster Dog Crushes

I must admit, some pretty adorable canine faces grace the blog world.

We’ve definitely had our fair share of cuteness at the CfB household.


There’s Eddie with his striking eyes, and regal posture when he’s outdoors.


Rusty is all-out adorable, loving, photogenic, and full of personality.  Just look at those little brindle paws!


Nellie knew how to be cute enough that I was all too willing to put up with her noisy hound ways.  She was quite floppy and gallompy as a pup.

Beau 2

Beauford T. Justice charmed every person downtown on game day, and that’s no small number of people!

Sierra 2

Sierra was insanely cute and bright to boot.

Moca 6

Miss Moca Mocacchino stole many, many hearts.  She was also Gambit’s puppyhood BFF and partner in crime.

To finish it off, there’s perma-dog Gamborino, who is often complemented on how good-looking he is, and unfortunately he knows it.

If it’s cuteness overload at home, then reading about other fosters and rescues puts me in “dawww” overdrive.  There are always dogs out there that will make you want to hop in a car and go give them a forever home – but it’s just not possible to do that for every dog.

I personally have a major foster dog crush is Cooper from A Heartbeat at My Feet.  Every time I see a picture of him, my heart melts and I just want to smoosh his sweet face.  Really, who could resist that cuteness?  When he is adopted, I’ll secretly be sad because I’ll miss seeing Cooper’s precious face.

I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one with a foster dog crush.  Of the many gorgeous dogs currently looking for forever homes or have recently found them, who is your foster dog crush as this Valentine’s Day approaches?  Your own foster doesn’t count, of course!


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