Agility Dogs

On Friday, the boys kept alerting me of dogs in the parking lot of a nearby hotel.  It’s pet friendly, but usually there aren’t many dogs strolling around in the lot.

When I looked outside and saw several people, each with a pair of purebred dogs, I knew something was up.  It’s not exactly common to see a pair of standard poodles, a pair of tiny dogs, and even more purebreds all in one go here.

It turned out there was an agility dog trial being held at the campus arena.  Since I’ve never seen dogs doing their agility training, I dragged my husband off to the arena to watch a bit of the trial.

Watching the handlers walk the course, it reminded me of a horse show with lighter poles and a couple extra obstacles.  Seeing as I have been known to get disqualified for forgetting the simplest of courses during a show, the 15+ jumps and obstacles seemed like a lot to me!

I have no idea how much time these handlers and dogs must devote to their training (lots!), but the dogs we watched seemed to be competing at a very high level.








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