Big yellow ball

Recently, two of the boys’ food toys broke.  Since I was looking for good deals on new food toys, one of the toys we replaced them with was a JW Treat Puzzler.

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It’s a soft rubber ball and has a closed hole with an X-shaped slit on one side, a large hole on the other side, and a maze inside.  I did get a funnel to make loading food in a bit more easily since it’s one piece.

Overall, it’s not my favorite food toy.  Filling it with food requires rocking the ball back and forth to move it through the maze.  It holds a little over a cup of kibble, and the dogs can empty it very quickly.  Additionally, it attracts any dog hair that is in the carpet.  We haven’t tried using it for treats, but it is advertised as a treat ball and I do think it would be much better with a large treat loaded through the slitted side of the ball.

However, the JW Treat Puzzler will be sticking around.

You see, Eddie has fallen in love with this ball.  He bats it around enthusiastically at meal time, carries it around the apartment proudly once it’s empty, plays fetch with it, and cuddles with it while he naps.


The big yellow ball is Edwin’s baby.  How could we take it away?



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8 Responses to Big yellow ball

  1. onedoglife says:

    He looks JUST like my current black lab/husky foster, Edison! They even have names that are really close. How strange! Have you had him DNA tested? Edison is pretty high energy too — we do a lot of jogging/nosework/ect.

    • We haven’t done DNA testing. Do you know for sure that Edison is lab/husky? Edwin is so low energy at home (unless he sees something outside) that I have to consciously remember to pay attention to him. Outside is another story!

      • onedoglife says:

        I did a Wisdom Panel on him … I know that DNA testing for breed is still in its early stages, so I suppose that doesn’t count as “for sure”, but the tests are probably more accurate than my guesses! He also ‘talks’ more than barks, as huskies are inclined to do, and he has the curly tail of one. I think a test would be interesting to see Edwin’s results! Edison can be a little crazy in the house if it’s right before a walk, but other than that he is a total couch potato indoors. If he sees a stray cat on a walk, though, it’s all over!

  2. Wow that looks like fun. We have a lot of JW toys too. Kaya & Norman’s favorites though are the mini-balls. So weird!

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