A touch of class

As you may have seen on our Facebook page this weekend, the boys got something in the mail recently.  They knew it was for them instantly.  Perhaps it smelled a bit like Miss Athena from Pitlandia?


The  boys got custom bow ties from Little Bow Pup in honor of their sprung-from-the-shelter anniversaries this month.



Why do the dogs need bow ties?”
“They don’t.”
“Then why are you getting them?”
“For pictures.  Big black adoptable dog needs a colorful accessory.”


Eddie was cool and collected as he showed off his new duds.


In contrast to a confident Edwin, Gambit wasn’t quite sure what to think.  For starters, he was disappointed that the yummy smelling, soft bow tie was not a new stuffed toy to shred.


He was proud.


He was nervous boldly and fashionably decided to complement his bow tie with a temporary accessory.


He was coy.

Maybe soon he will decide whether he can be as classy as Eddie in a bow tie.


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5 Responses to A touch of class

  1. cchaughey says:

    Those are some classy pups!

  2. Gambit’s faces crack me up!

  3. Hannah k. says:

    Love the bit of drill coming from Gambit! Looking good!

  4. Such great photos! And they do look so great against their black. So handsome!

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