A year of Eddie

Edwin will have been with us for a year tomorrow.  This is a first for us, and it’s hard to believe.  Maybe there’s some truth to the idea that large, solid black dogs take more time to be adopted.

Happy sprung-from-the-shelter anniversary, Big Ed!  Now when he’s behind bars, it just means he’s catching some rays on the balcony.


On March 15, 2012 Crossroads posted this picture of Edwin.  He was on the euthanasia list at the local shelter with 4 days left.  Heartworms are all too common here.  The sad truth is that a surplus of dogs combined with a lack of funding for medication and a foster home can leave no other option for an otherwise adoptable dog.  It’s scary to remember that a dog who lived with us for a year had a set expiration date.

Crossroads, which does loads for the local shelter, could donate the time and medication to treat him if a foster home could be found.


Really, who can resist those eyes?  Already having Rusty, we signed on to take Edwin in the event that no one else stepped up.  There was another potential foster home that didn’t end up being able to take him.

On March 23, we had an untrained, unhousebroken, 70 lb, 1 1/2 year-old lab mix with a fresh rabies vaccine, neutering, and heartworm treatment hanging out in a crate in our tiny apartment that already housed two people and two playful, roughhousing 1-year-old dogs.  Boy, has he come a long way!


Oh, and did I mention he smelled after spending a month in the shelter and stayed that way for a couple weeks because I was afraid this high energy boy would get his heart rate up from the stress of his first bath?


He did get to spend some time leashed to a balcony railing, couch or chair as long as he remained calm.


By the way, have you ever noticed that Edwin’s left ear is always cocked?  My husband pointed this out recently.  Now that I know it’s there, it’s so cute on him.

Enough with words.  How about another 11 months’ worth of Eddie’s adorable ear cocking?



Edwin rode quietly until we exited the highway

Edwin rode quietly until we exited the highway




Watching Dog TV, featuring exciting programs chock full of cats, groundhogs, janitors, and neighbors’ guests.


Sometimes, he showed his Tiger pride.  Although honestly he might be a closet Gamecocks fan based on his reaction to hearing the announcer and fireworks from Death Valley during one game!



After months of sleeping at ground level, we convinced Eddie that the couches were a nice spot to nap.  It took a little time for him to warm up, but once he did he became 100% couch dog.




This sums up Edwin’s indoor energy level perfectly!


At Christmas, he got his picture taken with Santa (sorta).



In January, he discovered that the beach wasn’t just a good spot to run and swim like he thought.  Chasing wakes, fetching sticks, and digging in the sand could be loads of fun, too.


In early February, this photo of Edwin was featured by the Shelter Pet Project.



He showed some Big East/Catholic 7 Basketball pride and helped me root for my favorite Wildcats.






And that left ear?  It’s still raised and he’s still a very handsome boy.  Hopefully soon he will find his forever home – he’s waited long enough!

Eddie is looking for his forever home.  For more information on adopting Edwin, contact Crossroads Animal Hospital.


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4 Responses to A year of Eddie

  1. Roberta says:

    I love those chestnut lab eyes. The hounds can look sad or gleeful, but those labs have a corner on jeweled colored eyes to set off their gleaming (usually)coats. Were I in the market for a Lab, I’d contact you about Eddie…what a handsome dog who you’ve brought a long way.

    A few years back, I took in a black hound – he looked like a Coonhound but had web feet and white points and chest – definitely a lab mix. When I posted him on my Petfinder front page, I talked about and used the Petfinder badge about black dogs being the last to be adopted. A young couple saw it and Duke, had never heard about “black dog syndrome,” called, visited with their Puggle, and Duke, the black hound I thought I would have forever, found his forever home within the week! and so will Eddie….:).

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