This little blog has been a bit of a ghost town lately, but we’ve been anything but bored.

So what have we been up to?


Lots of practice heeling with Eddie’s new Easy Walk harness.  We’ve been doing lots of turnarounds as we walk back and forth in front of our building before and after walks.  The goal, of course, is to heel without the Easy Walk, but first we have to get the heeling down pat while using it!  Eddie is learning that if he pulls, he doesn’t get to continue in that direction.


Using the yummiest, smelliest treats to practice “look” as we pass by Ruff, who innocently hangs out on his porch.  99% of the time.  This usually bullet proof boy did escape one day as his owner’s friends left and fully expected that he and Eddie were going to have the greatest time playing.  Sorry, buddy, he’s just not into you.


Wishing that college town parties never involved broken glass left on the sidewalk.  Thankfully, none of it embedded into Edwin’s paw pads!


Pretending to be a pony.


Anxiously waiting for obedience school to start.  We had to push it back until May due to scheduling conflicts.


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2 Responses to Tumbleweeds

  1. Roberta says:

    Ah, yes, volunteers walkers have a hard time believing me when I instruct them to turn and turn again if a dog pulls; not to pull back, not to drag, just turn and make her pay attention to you instead of where she wishes to zoom. Looking good, Eddie!

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