Almost Wordless Wednesday: Place


“Me, dog reactive? You must be mixing me up with someone else.”

Sorry for the blurry photo (no fancy phone here!).  Edwin loved practicing “place” in class last night and sat happily as other dogs came into the room!  He even rolled around on his back for belly scratches when he got the okay to leave his place.

He did have a run and rescue remedy before class, but I have no clue if these things helped or if he was just this happy on his own.  He also did well around other dogs in a crate and on leash in a training session this weekend at Crossroads’ celebration of being open for 5 years.

Also, for every 100 “likes” CARE (Crossroads Animal Rescue) gets on their new facebook page, Crossroads Animal Hospital will donate enough to rescue one kitten from the local shelter.  It is kitten season, and the shelter took in dozens of kittens yesterday alone.


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  1. Well done. Great training day. Will go click “like” for CARE – what a great organisation.

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