Game piece munching

One of the difficulties with living in a small space is that our table is not large enough for most board games.  Our coffee table is an antique railroad trunk that doubles as storage, and it’s not flat enough for games.

As a result, we play most games on the floor.  This often catches the dogs’ interest.  Gambit once watched me work on a puzzle for quite some time, looking to see where each piece went.  He was still an older puppy who loved to eat everything and didn’t put a single piece in his mouth.


Nellie was so interested in Zombie Dice that she participated.  She’d look really concerned as dice would fall shotgun blast up, we’d ask her if she wanted to roll again, and determine based on her looks of concern/excitement and the mood of her noises whether she did.  As ridiculous as it sounds, it was hilarious and she actually did very well.  Pretty sure she won.



Recently, the boys were particularly interested in a game of Munchkin.  Eddie did instinctively pick up the die when it fell on the ground sounding like kibble, but was perfectly willing to drop it and go back to napping with Big Yellow Ball when it didn’t taste like food.


Gambit just wanted to be part of the fun.


Do your dogs try to get involved with games?



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3 Responses to Game piece munching

  1. Adorable. Nola just wants to be around us when we play, she doesn’t show much interest in the actual game.

  2. Delft says:

    If you like jigsaws, I recommend a puzzle mat, like this. Make rough surfaces smooth (because you’re really “on the mat”), and you can roll it up and store it away to go on another day. Keeps pieces in place as rolled up, too. Toy-stores have them, not expensive either.

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