Master of temptation

I’ve mentioned before that we love the “leave it” command.

Walking ten feet to get something out of the fridge only to find that the food you left has been swiped is no fun, not to mention potentially dangerous for the dogs.  We tend to consume a decent bit of garlic, onion, chocolate (though significantly less than I would prefer), and other dog unfriendly ingredients.

Like these cupcakes I made a couple of months ago.  If you peruse the recipe – which takes a long time to make but is entirely worth it – there’s nothing dog friendly about it.  As I like to say, “it’s delicious, not nutritious” (though I also enjoy things that are both delicious and nutritious!).


Look at the bottom left cupcake. Do you see the ganache oozing out? Yum.

If I walk to the couch with a cupcake and decide I want a fork, I want to be able to set it down walk back to the kitchen (within eyesight!).  We do typically take our food with us or put it out of reach, but sometimes we forget and need to have our long-term resident dogs be prepared for that situation.  Not to mention, if we bring a dog around kids who drop food or leave a couple of toys around, it would be bad for him to snatch them!


I was confident that Gambit’s mastery of leave it when indoors was strong enough for this one.


“Momma, this is mere child’s play.”

Unsurprisingly, he nailed it.  Practice with food left on the coffee table, treats right in front of him, his meals, etc. had paid off.


At some point, Edwin may have to face the cupcake challenge as well.  He’s great at leaving food on the coffee table or a treat on the ground under supervision, but we might need to work on leave it for a couple more weeks before he’s ready to resist a smelly cupcake a foot from his nose while the humans have their backs turned.  While he very well may be able to pass the challenge now, I’ll stick with more dog friendly temptations like open dog food bins until I’m 100% sure.

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4 Responses to Master of temptation

  1. Leave it is a great command that we are constantly working on with food, other dogs, things on the street when walking and of course squirrels and bunnies!

  2. Roberta says:

    I love “leave it (or him, her).” Justus pretty much has it down though I’ve not tried a cupcake.
    Spent time on vacation with a friend in SD and her JRT. He lay on the table while she ate, totally not begging, though watching. He indeed is very well trained.

  3. I agree, leave it is one of the first commands I taught my dogs. They also never eat any people food even if dropped on the floor so they never even glance at stuff we drop. I often balance my popcorn bowl or dinner plate on them as they’re draped across my lap and they don’t even lift an eyelid. I’ve left food on the coffee table and gone out for hours, it’s always there when I return. The cat, however, is another story…

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