Almost Wordless Wednesday: Doorframe Cuddles


Sometimes, one of the boys will behave in a way that bothers me and is slow to change, like barking at a bird that apparently lives behind our building or barking at a new neighbor as they walk to their car.

Remembering where they started out, what they’ve accomplished in their training, and where they are now can make me feel a lot better and realize that we can probably tackle the current issue, slowly but surely!

Eddie, for one, is getting much better about barking once about whatever he’s seen in the back yard, then turning and heading away.  Since the behavior this replaced a self-reinforcing behavior he developed a few months ago of barking inconsolably while jumping up on the balcony door, this is definitely progress!  Next goal, heading away without the single bark.


Eddie is looking for his forever home.  For more information on adopting Edwin, contact Crossroads Animal Hospital.


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1 Response to Almost Wordless Wednesday: Doorframe Cuddles

  1. Roberta says:

    I’ll take the one bark/turn away. Good dog, Eddie!

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