Sounds of a Hound

While Gambit is a purebred shelter mutt, we’ve always been pretty certain Gambit’s breed mix includes a bit of cold nosed coonhound.  His instincts, build, personality, expressions, bright mind, and vocal tendencies are all strong indications.  Side by side, he and Nellie look remarkably similar in build and overall face shape.


While he doesn’t bay or sing as well as Nellie, he talks to us regularly. Some of the noises that come out of his mouth are pretty amusing, and so are the faces that accompany them.

These are some of the noises he made while watching a groundhog one day – nowhere near a complete collection!


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8 Responses to Sounds of a Hound

  1. Argh! Bothersome! I got to the first bark and dear beloved internet won’t let me watch any further. I so wanted to hear the noises.

  2. Delft says:

    So cute! He so badly wants to go out and chase it.
    It’s like hearing my old dog again, a labrador mix. I think it’s the hunting blood.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • He does get to chase them occasionally, but he’s cold-nosed and always goes to where they might have been instead of where they are! Hunting dogs are fun but it is certainly challenging to channel those instincts some days. Gambit usually has to heel rather than having a longer lead due to his nose.

  3. Roberta says:

    I could hear the entire video, but didn’t; my hounds heard it too, and I had my own hound-song sans groundhog :)! Lovely photo of Nellie and Gambit together.

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