Frozen Treats

There’s a reason I don’t normally do our grocery shopping.  I can go to the store and come back with $30 of food containing chocolate and/or peanut butter in addition to the list – really, we added it up once, and that was after my husband said “no” to 2/3 of my requests.  I also go home with dog “necessities,” dog shaped cookie cutters, cupcake frosting tips, or decide that I want to learn to crochet that day.

My self-control is much better when running to the grocery store for supplies at work, when I might get a drink or snack if I’m falling asleep or starving.  Go figure.

One day, while waiting for one of the cars to get new tires, we ended up at Dollar Tree.  I held myself back since we’re moving soon and I don’t want to increase our belongings, but as soon as I saw these ice cube trays, I knew I needed them to make frozen yummies for the pups.


I carefully chose a recipe got a couple of inexpensive but delicious and nutritious ingredients and tossed them in my food processor.


My ingredients were two bananas, one container of plain non-fat Greek yogurt, and precisely one large dollop of peanut butter.


Since the yogurt and peanut butter had no additional sweeteners, flavors, colors, etc., I know exactly what is in these frozen goodies.


Everything spun around really really loudly because I’m currently on a food processor kick, although I’m sure these could be made in a blender.  Eventually it was all blended together.  I did add a little water after pouring the first few stars, and some more on the second round of freezing the mix.  It spread out in the tray a bit better with water added.


I very neatly poured the mix so it would be pinterest perfect slopped the mix into the ice cube trays because, honestly, it got a little messy and then I decided the dogs would be okay with imperfect treats.  Next time, I might put it in a decorating bag so it pours nicely.


I let the trays sit for a minute, then gently shook them from side to side to fill the points of the stars.


After tossing them in the freezer for a couple hours, I popped the stars out with a knife.


The finished product was about 1.5-2″ tall.


Since the boys could eat these in one bite, I only filled the stars halfway when the second half went in the freezer.

We ended up with 20 full-size stars and 20 half-size stars for under $3.  That’s including the trays and excluding the peanut butter, since the boys have been working on the same jar for months.

The boys don’t know the difference between a large treat or a tiny one, but at 8 cents per treat, I figure this is a substantial savings over making an impulse purchase of actual Frosty Paws.  Since Frosty Paws probably take longer to eat because they are in a cup, I tossed our frozen treats into the Kongs.  The half-size stars fit well in the hole of a large Kong, but fall out of the XXL.

Summary of directions:
Get some soft, dog-safe (not all fruits and veggies are!), yummy ingredients.  Combine in a blender or food processor.  Add water if desired to thin out the mixture for pouring or to reduce the calories in each treat.  Pour in ice cube trays or molds and freeze for 2+ hours.  Remove from trays and store in the freezer.

Gambit’s other favorite frozen treats are even more simple – tummy trouble treats in pumpkin, sweet potato, or rice!


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15 Responses to Frozen Treats

  1. You’ve got some lucky pups there, getting yummy frozen treats. It’s not a problem spending money if it’s for the animals 😀

    • These two eat their treat quickly enough that the expensive treats aren’t worth it for us! They definitely would have been a bit more to make if I’d tossed in some healthy berries for them.

  2. Thank you for the idea! A healthy, inexpensive treat especially good on a hot summer day,.

  3. Kia says:

    Those look like great treats. What a good idea 🙂

  4. Roberta says:

    I won’t hold my breath for the decorating bag; who needs it? These turned out great! Very good ingredients – I just need a blender and a freezer – HA. Thanks for sharing.
    BTW, I’m terrible at spending in office supply stores (though not at all organized), tack shops (though I no longer have a horse), and Target. List? What list??

  5. mytwopitties says:

    Those look great, I’d eat them! Kaya & Norman like it when I put ice cubes in a bowl with a little water because it’s challenging to get them out:)

  6. I’ve been wanting to do these too and you make it look so easy! I was going to use our ice-cream maker, but after seeing this, I can just go ahead and freeze them (duh!).

    • I want an ice cream maker so i can make frozen yogurt for the humans! It doesn’t look easy, it IS crazy easy and quick, too. Plus, our boys aren’t picky so unlike making pesto or hummus I don’t have to taste test a million times before it’s given the okay (and didn’t want to since they have their own jar of pb that is regularly double dipped).

  7. great easy recipe! Thanks I’ll try this for my furry friends! x

  8. embers and ashes says:

    My mini doxie, Embers, LOVES your treats! I like how they are made with Greek yogurt, and that they stay semi-frozen so she can enjoy them slowly, and isn’t able to eat them whole. Thanks for the incredibly easy recipe!

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