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To catch up on Little Gremlin’s story, go here, then here.

Since we found Little Gremlin after normal business hours, one of the first things we did was post a found ad on Craigslist’s Lost and Found page and Pets page.

Oh, Craigslist Pets page, how terrible you are.  For a site that does not allow pet sales, it is rampant with irresponsible owners insisting their 6-week-old litters that have never been to a vet only go to a great and responsible home, trying to make some money off their dog just because it is a purebred, or requesting a “small rehoming fee of $400” for 7-week-old AKC-registered puppies who’ve been cropped, docked, and had their dewclaws removed.  Huge numbers of pit bull puppies from desirable lines or adults who “WILL NOT GO TO FIGHTERS”- the term “pit bull” seems to be used more for APBTs here than general bully breeds.  We’ll just forget about all the requests for a free 6-8 week old purebred puppy with papers.

Totally legit place to look for your next four-legged friend, isn’t it?

Naturally, we got about a dozen responses from our Craigslist Pets page post about a found pug/Boston terrier/French bulldog mix – very basic found ad, with a head shot, location, and date when he was found, but no details on age, gender, etc.  Everyone was interested in taking Little Gremlin.  There were a few along the lines of “don’t take it to the shelter, I’ll give it a home” and “if you don’t find the owner I will take it.”  I also got a couple similar texts from people who saw his picture when it was shared on Facebook by rescue and lost and found pet pages.


This put me off, because it felt like everyone was shopping for a designer breed mix without giving him a shot at being reunited with his family first.  He had a few deer ticks and fleas, likely from being lost in a wooded area, but it seemed so apparent to me that he was someone’s beloved pet who got loose or had been stolen and transported.  If Gambit got lost or stolen and someone found him but gave him away the next day, I’d be heartbroken.  Only one e-mail was someone looking for her stolen brindle pug puppy, but unfortunately it wasn’t hers.

After a couple days, I finally added a little rant to the found ad indicating that we were trying to reunite the dog with its home and if they were interested in a dog there were tons of wonderful, already vetted animals at four local shelters who truly needed homes.  It probably didn’t help that I know another Boston terrier mix had been at Crossroads for several weeks at that point, although it looks like he has now found his forever home.  Thankfully, after I added the note, the requests for this little designer dog stopped.


Anyhow, when we’d had Little Gremlin for 24 hours and Edwin was becoming really bored, I got a phone call from someone who saw Little Gremlin’s picture on a rescue page.  It was a couple who expressed interest in fostering him until his owner was found and was interested adopting him if an owner was not found.  They had a Boston terrier and the wife said that when she saw the picture, she felt that this foster and/or adoption situation was something that was supposed to happen.

She offered to provide references and was fine with doing the fostering or adoption through a shelter or rescue.  They also lived in the same county where I found him, so fostering through the shelter could be a possibility.  I didn’t get the feeling that they were just shopping for a dog on a found ad like so many of the responses we had gotten.  I let her know that I did have some possibilities of getting him into a rescue and the shelter’s rescue coordinator was looking for records of him, but that conversation made me feel a lot better about the little guy’s prospects.


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9 Responses to Craigslist Pets

  1. What a cutie and what a great job you are doing, trying to reunite him with his family. Amazing how some people reacted to the ad but really glad that the last one seems to be a genuine and good option. I hope all works out well.

    • I was shocked at just how many e-mails and texts we got from people who wanted him, especially when he’d only been missing a day. A dog needs time to be reunited with his family before being rehomed – that is why holding periods exist for strays.

  2. pjdonna says:

    He is a cutie! Fingers crossed he finds his human soon!

  3. Roberta says:

    Good for you clarifying his status. A dog was brought to me by a couple who found him wandering in the country. Right away, I was sure he was just off leash and would have gone home, so I posted him all over. An aunt finally spotted him (after almost two months) on my Petfinder page and called his family WHO NEVER LOOKED FOR HIM, assuming he’s been hit by a car!!!! He was overjoyed to see his mom again, but I was sad they didn’t know/even look :(.

    • I can’t imagine not looking at all. We believed my cat had wandered off to die when I was in middle or high school. While we were on vacation, he hadn’t eaten (pet sitters rarely see him come out of hiding) and was too weak to make it up 2 steps, We still put up a sign, called the vet’s office, etc. and thankfully he returned home two weeks later.

  4. fozziemum says:

    Sounds like a paper we have here called Gumtree..infuriating! law here is that any dog or cat for sale must have a microchip number provided..some small step..this is also why I preach desexing,so many non desexed animals are stolen and used for breeding,if the animal is desexed then it loses breeding value.Not to mention being stolen to use as fighters..the world can really make me wonder some times..hopefully this little one finds either his rightful people or a good proper home.Well done to you 🙂

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