Happy Independence Day!

Ready for some totally unrelated ramblings?  Good, because I have updates on most of the things I posted about yesterday.

Red, White and Blue Yummies

Patriotic dog treat idea for those with extra fruit and plain Greek yogurt sitting around: Make star-shaped DIY frozen yogurt treats in plain, raspberry or strawberry, and blueberry.  Better yet, make fruit swirl yogurt treats by making all 3 flavors, then layering them by the heaping spoonful in a pastry bag or directly into the ice cube trays.

Like this, but in pretty colors.  If anyone makes them, post a picture!  Note: I’m pretty sure food coloring isn’t the best for dogs, or at least there are some dogs that are allergic to artificial coloring.


The boys are still working on their peanut butter and banana frozen yogurt stars.  I wish I had thought of this while I wasn’t starving, because it would probably make a delicious human treat, too.  Or before we went grocery shopping so I could have gotten fruit.

That’s right, I went grocery shopping.  I’ve discovered that as long as I only go with a mission of obtaining a small number of sale/coupon items while my husband shops elsewhere for the rest, I can show some self-control as I attempt to save a bundle.

Eddie’s Independence Day Celebrations

Eddie will have a very relaxed 4th of July.  Partly because he’s still looking for his forever home, but mostly because the town fireworks were delayed from last night until this weekend.  Don’t forget to keep your dogs inside at night while there are fireworks going off!

He would also like to show off his cool new red, white, and blue duds.  Gambit got a blue 4th of July bandana, but didn’t manage to find time in his schedule for a photo shoot before it started to pour.





Pretty Girl

Remember, always think lost, not stray.  Even if a dog is skittish and malnourished, it may just have been lost long-term.  For Pretty Girl, the magic of Facebook networking revealed that she is a local rescue dog named Jillie.  She was adopted out a year ago by Oconee Rescue, which is the rescue I’d been in touch with about potentially taking in Little Gremlin, now Brewster.


The adopter was a graduating student who was moving a couple hours away, but at the time she lived in the same part of town as us.  The working hypothesis is that she escaped while her owner was back in town visiting friends, and the owner didn’t think to call the rescue.  I had scoured lost dog ads when she first appeared, but it’s definitely possible that she had been lost for some time or went missing in a different part of our neighborhood- lost signs are often very localized.

She is chipped, but since no one has been able to catch her, it hasn’t been scanned.  Apparently she’s always been extremely skittish and shy of humans, including those she knows well.  As a result, it’s not too surprising that when she escaped she took up a new life as a forest dog.


Jillie had come back for breakfast yesterday morning before it was determined that she was an Oconee Rescue dog.  She was less shy than she was in the fall (we had very few sightings of her during the winter and spring).  Since then, S, who runs the rescue and her daughter have made a couple trips out in an effort to catch her.

Amazingly, Jillie appeared out of the woods at the sound of S’s voice and ate out of her hand as long as she was sitting down.  Unfortunately, she wouldn’t allow herself to be caught.  It sounds like there was a second trip, but it was a very rainy afternoon and she didn’t come out of the woods.  There will be another attempt to catch her this morning.  Prayers for her successful capture would be much appreciated – this poor girl has been living in the woods for over 7 months.  While the mosquitoes have been minimal recently, they are still there and have been making some strong appearances in the last couple weeks.


Molly was sighted yesterday in her driveway and at her door, but ran away after both sightings.  My sister has reported that Molly’s favorite snack, SPAM, has been left out in an attempt to lure her back home.  Hopefully, she’ll decide to return home, but at least she is back on the property.



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6 Responses to Happy Independence Day!

  1. fozziemum says:

    Treats look fantastic! our boys would love them..they love frozen beef or chicken stock too.Eddie is adorable and I am surprised he is not with a home with that winning smile 🙂 sending wishes that he finds a family soon..fireworks..grrrrrr always a nightmare..i always also assume a lost not stray as an injured dog or shocked dog can appear to be a bit erratic…also if they have medical conditions and have not been getting their meds..i hope you can get your forest baby out of the elements..how stressful for you all who are concerned.And with kitties and luring..slightly warmed food even spam is a great thing as the smell intensifies and tends to bring them a bit quicker.Thoughts for all lost babies needing to be found and stay safe with the noisy fireworks.
    Happy fourth of July to you all 🙂
    Hugs Fozziemum

    • I’ve done frozen chicken stock too – actually, just the water from boiling their chicken with the fat skimmed off so I could control the sodium. Unfortunately the lost and found page I posted on had initially been posting too much info, so they temporarily had to stop posting pictures then switched to leaving out major bits of info. Apparently people were using the page to shop for their new free dog instead of just going to the adoptable kennels. Yes, they have been warming the food.

      • fozziemum says:

        Yes the sodium is an issue I brew my own too..and the fat has to go due to Doc having had pancreatitis once.People astound me..i don’t know why..i have set my expectations pretty low in regards to the human race but still they manage to reach new lows..there are no free dogs..people who want a free dog can’t afford a dog..they come with costs and this is part of the mindset to overcome isn’t it! I do hop the warm food works..keep up your great efforts 🙂

  2. rumpydog says:

    Happy 4th you guys! Now about those treats…… got any extras? *licks lips*

  3. lawchick says:

    A few weeks ago we had a lost dog from a local rescue (Second Chance). The dog was Misty, and she was something of a celebrity because she’d been a bait dog and was in really terrible shape when they first got her into rescue. She ran off after a bird on a walk in the woods behind her foster’s home and she was gone before they could get a hold of her leash. They looked for her for days, had tons of people out there looking for her and even called in a tracking dog. Finally, after a few days someone suggested they grill bacon. As soon as they did, Misty appeared from out of the woods and they were able to get her leash in exchange for some bacon. After that I’d heard another lost dog was found the same way….maybe some bacon will get Jillie?

    • That’s great that it worked! I am waiting for an update, but as of the end of the week Jillie was letting S sit next to her and eating out of her hand for lengthy periods of time. The problem is actually catching her – she runs away if she sees a leash or anyone otherwise tries to capture her.

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