All About Eddie: Part I

Last week, I posted about our wish for Eddie to find his forever home in the next couple weeks and why we are unable to foster him any longer.  While I’ve been posting about Edwin for over a year, those posts don’t fully cover the things we discuss with potential adopters.  Plus, let’s be honest, most people don’t want to dig through a year’s worth of posts!  Since there is a lot to say about an adoptable dog who has been in foster care for more than a couple weeks, I’m breaking this into a few posts.

If you want to see cute pictures of Eddie, go here.

Personality: Indoors

Indoors, Eddie is low energy and laid back.  He will happily snooze the day away but will soak up any attention he is given.


While he’s not the lick-your-face attention seeking type of dog, he loooves his scratches when they’re doled out and being spoken to in a high pitch voice.  Watching my husband speak in falsetto to him: hilarious, but Edwin’s face lights up and his tail keeps on wagging.  In the morning, his head is propped on the bed the moment the alarm goes off in hopes of some attention.  When he gets morning scratchies on his nose, he regularly does elevator butt for some back scratches, then drops to the ground for a belly rub.


Eddie is playful on his own terms.  By that, I mean he’s not interested in playing 100% of the time.  We just give it a go, and if he’s in the mood he’ll play and if not he’s like, “what didja throw that ball for? It was fine where it was.”  He’ll occasionally play fetch with a ball indoors or happily lie there picking open a stuffed toy.  He has a classic, very gentle lab mouth with his no-chew toys .  We barely had to teach him to drop and his “soft mouth” is soft enough that he doesn’t play tug.


At the same time, he loves to chew on his Nylabone Durachew.  It is a supervised toy because he would love to chew it all day until his gums bleed and keep on chewing (we use the largest size so he can’t get quite as much leverage).  We don’t bother with antlers after learning how quickly he can fly through one, but they are a great once-in-a-while treat.

He knows “leave it” and “don’t beg.”  While I wouldn’t leave a hot plate of food in easy reach and walk out of his sight, we don’t worry about him trying to counter surf.  We often eat on the couch and put our plates down on the coffee table, and he knows not to beg or try to snatch food.

This is not to say that Eddie isn’t food motivated.  He is extremely food motivated!  He learned to love his crate by waiting in it for his dinner – the usual crate training technique of feeding him in his crate never clicked.  We put his meals in Big Yellow Ball or another food toy to keep him from inhaling it, and he enjoys playing with it to get his meals.  Big Yellow Ball will stay with him when we move.  He loves his current food (4Health Chicken & Rice) more than most training treats.


He thinks couch and bed naps are a great treat, but is perfectly happy as a floor-only dog and knows that the couches and bed are by invitation only.  Unless he has gotten to go on them a lot recently, he won’t ask to get up on them.


Things he gets excited about indoors: things viewed through the balcony door or screen door – cats, dogs, groundhogs, people in his yard that he doesn’t recognize.  Also, a particular bird whose sound annoys him, dog food, ice cubes, and the prospect of going outside or for a car ride.


Dopey soaking-up-the-rays face!

Personality – Outdoors

We say Eddie has two personalities: indoors and outdoors.  He LOVES his time outdoors and is pretty energetic there.  When going outside, we ask him to sit at the door.  If he moves when the door starts to open, we close it until he sits again.  I also ask him to sit while I close the door behind us.  It still takes us 30 seconds to get out the door, but his door manners are much better than they used to be.

He enjoys his daily walks.  He also loves to swim, although if there are sticks, trees, or logs in the water he feels obligated to remove ALL of them from the water.  He also does feel the need to chase after boat wakes when they reach the shore.


If you are a runner, Eddie is a wonderful running partner.  While Gambit and I prefer not to run more than 1/4 mile at a time, my husband says he keeps pace well and thoroughly enjoys himself on runs.  He’s been running less this summer due to time and weather constraints, but in the spring I think they regularly ran 1-2 miles.  Eddie would be fine with running a bit further in cooler weather with water breaks.

Eddie is looking for his forever home or a new foster home.  Applications for both adoptive and foster homes can be found at


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  2. He is a wonderful friend for life – I hope he will find a home soon.

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