Almost moving day!

We are frantically working on our big leap of faith move, but I am happy to say that everything is coming together!

Things have been insane here.  We traveled out of state with Gambit over the weekend and finally settled on a La Quinta that was only doubled in price – thanks for the help, everyone!  Gambit thought it sucked that his daddy left the moment we got there and bobbed his head at the closing elevator doors when we rode it.  I also flew out of town twice as soon as we got back.  I am thoroughly exhausted and don’t know how people handle 50%+ travel for business.

Gambit's favorite part of the trip was being gifted these awesome dog bakery treats by a friend.

Gambit’s favorite part of the trip was being gifted these awesome dog bakery treats by a friend.

A couple weeks ago, we got an inquiry about Eddie from a couple who recently lost their beloved lab mix.  They were getting ready to move to a house in quiet spot right by the lake across the state line.  The house was owned by someone who was involved with a shelter, so it has a privacy fence and has furniture with dog covers!  It seriously sounds like one of my potential Barbie Dream Houses (others – log or stone farmhouse on a wooded lot or in the middle of a hilly field).

They have also fostered before through a lab rescue, although they stopped after foster failing.  They have two small dogs, one of which also needs slow meet and greets then just ignores the other dogs, so Eddie also needing slow introductions should not be an issue.

When our family comes to town for graduation, Eddie will be going to them for a foster-to-adopt situation.  In the event that they do not adopt him, it sounds as though they will foster until a home is found.  We’re completely on board with this option for Eddie, as they want to be responsible and make sure he will get along with their dogs first.

We haven’t announced it to our friends and family yet as I was keeping my job search process on the down low, but I just accepted a job offer in Central PA that should be a very good opportunity for me. On Sunday, we will be bound for Central PA/Pennsyltucky/The “T.”

Once upon a time we lived in a place with tons of fantastic produce. Then we moved to Clemson. While we love it here, the produce is always rotten except at Walmart during the winter. For real.

Once upon a time we lived in a place with tons of fantastic produce. Then we moved to Clemson. While we love it here, the produce is always rotten except at Walmart during the winter. For real.

I will be reveling in the presence of my #1 breakfast food, chipped beef with biscuits (or has my husband constantly makes fun of me for pronouncing it, biscuits ‘n graaye-vee) and saying words “awhile” and “djeetjet” again without getting strange looks.  I had banished these words from my vocabulary during college in the Philly suburbs and again when we moved to Clemson.  Unlike me, my husband does not have these issues and cannot attempt a PA accent without sounding ridiculous. Despite his love of chopping wood, bonfires, and cornfields, I’m convinced he’s really a Marylander.

My new job is only a couple hours from our hometown, so we will be seeing our favorite redbone coonhound, Nellie, more often!  I stayed with my parents for a day this week, and she did not allow me out of her sight.  Surprisingly, she remembered me after not seeing me in a year.  Bathroom, bedtime, mealtime – Nellie was right by my side.  She declined to go in the corn for half of her evening walk in case I decided to leave.


We do still have a couple pieces of the puzzle missing.  My husband is just starting to search for a job in the area, and we don’t have a place to live yet.  Pet-friendly rental housing in our price range seems to be quite scarce!  All of my searches are turning up the same 4 apartments time and time again.  As a result, we may need to do our move in two parts – one this weekend to our hometown, and another within the next week before I start work.

Since I have been traveling, there is still a TON of cleaning and packing to be done in addition to working out details on the move and cooking a few things for graduation weekend.  All of that needs to be completed by Thursday, when everyone arrives for graduation.  My husband’s best friend is driving down today and will help with the cleaning in order to get more quality time with his BFF.

Basically, this is going to be our second week in a row of insanity!


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16 Responses to Almost moving day!

  1. So glad to hear that you have found a good situation for Eddie! Hope everything else falls in place for you soon! 🙂

  2. Roberta says:

    You sound swamped! Good luck with the home search; check with local shelters and rescues for pet friendly landlords. Paws crossed for Eddie!

  3. Congrats on the new job AND a foster-to-adopt situation for Eddie! Sounds like things are looking up for you guys!

  4. Sounds like you’re one busy bee! Good luck on your move and hooray for Eddie!

  5. Is there a back up plan in case they can ‘t handle Eddie and the issues? It is easy to say I ‘ll do it and another of dealing with it.

  6. Morgan says:

    Oh man, good luck with everything! I am soooo hoping things go really well with Eddie’s potential new family (though even if it isn’t a “perfect forever” fit, at least they sound really understanding of his needs and will take great care with him!) I’m excited for y’all!

    • We hope so too! They’ve got the full rundown on his personality and quirks, and I think their experience and lifestyle are well-suited for him. They were even looking for a dog who is laid back indoors (check) but could enjoy their new yard and going out on their pontoon (double check, as long as he can jump off and swim he’s happy!).

  7. fozziemum says:

    Oh I am so happy that Eddie is getting himself a home 🙂 🙂 I have been thinking of him and your plight 🙂 hope the move is smooth and things get settled quickly 🙂 Fozziemum x

  8. Maggie says:

    Woah! You have quite a lot going on! Congrats on the new job – very exciting! Eddie’s situation sounds promising. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  9. peaceabull says:

    Congrats on both the job and a promising situation for Eddie. I’ve had you in my thoughts lately and am glad everything is looking up.

  10. mytwopitties says:

    Good luck with your move and congrats on the new job! Moving can be so stressful but it sounds like you’ve got it all under control:) My fingers are crossed for Eddie, sounds ideal:D

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