One of these things is not like the others






Roadside Pups






They all have forever homes, so that’s not it.

One’s a different species, right?

Okay, so not wrong, but only one of these things is still sitting in our home!


He is bored to the point of having turned into even more of a drama queen than he was previously.  The itchy paw is finally healed, he just had his first fully kibble meal since his day of upset tummy (okay, kibble and pumpkin, but no chicken and rice), and his tail is occasionally curling although it is definitely still a bit tender.

My husband is also bored.

I am getting closer to having this place in an acceptable condition that doesn’t involve as many boxes on the floor, thanks to some storage items we picked up over the weekend.  It’s not there yet, but we’re closer.

And, um, on the way to the yard sale where we got furniture for storage, we accidentally ended up in the Tractor Supply parking lot where a rescue was hanging out.  Obviously, we stopped at their stand to see who they were on our way back.  It was a foster-based pit bull rescue… that pulls heavily from South Carolina, including the Upstate!

I’m pretty sure our lease says no pitties – not our favorite, but there were very large dog friendly rentals in our price range and the reality is that it is not a hard and fast rule. The person who handles our property likes pit bulls, there is one a couple doors down, and it is realistically more of a case-by-case deal.

We’ve got the foster itch, and badly.

The next step is to see if our property owner will allow pit bulls and what his stipulations are fostering – I had said I understood if they wanted to put any restrictions on us.  He was open to letting us foster, although it was agreed that it would be discussed when the time came rather than when we moved in.

Keep your fingers crossed for us to have a foster snuggle party soon!



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2 Responses to One of these things is not like the others

  1. OhMelvin says:

    Foster snuggle party!!! Foster snuggle party!!!!!

  2. Yes, a foster snuggle party… you must take pictures!

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