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Gambit’s new toy box

Gambit’s toy box has always had a case of the uglies. Okay, sot quite like Ugly Boy, my sister’s male tortoiseshell with a cauliflower ear who used to think he was a dog, but pretty blah.  It always had to … Continue reading

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Nerding out

Over the summer, we won a Wisdom Panel DNA test when Oh My Dog! did a giveaway.  We didn’t manage to use it early enough to test out Eddie, but we finally sent it in this week. And, um, I … Continue reading

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The Princess and the Royal Collar

Gambit is a princess.  We tell him that all the time – whether it’s because he’s mopey because it’s under 70 degrees, throwing a fit over the blinds being closed, refusing to come inside when it rains, crying incessantly as … Continue reading

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This one time, we moved.

Hi, remember when I used to actually post on this blog every once in a blue moon? Me neither.  I have been flying by the seat of my pants for the past 1 1/2 months and finally started to catch … Continue reading

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Almost moving day!

We are frantically working on our big leap of faith move, but I am happy to say that everything is coming together! Things have been insane here.  We traveled out of state with Gambit over the weekend and finally settled … Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Stick your tongue out

Did you do it? Our Facebook followers already know my reaction to this picture, and it makes me giggle.  Every. Single. Time.

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Sounds of a Hound

While Gambit is a purebred shelter mutt, we’ve always been pretty certain Gambit’s breed mix includes a bit of cold nosed coonhound.  His instincts, build, personality, expressions, bright mind, and vocal tendencies are all strong indications.  Side by side, he … Continue reading

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Toys from Space

When I learned that Kong had a new toy out from a Facebook post by Pitlandia, I knew the dogs were going to need to get it eventually. Besides looking quite a bit different from most food toys, it’s also … Continue reading

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Gambit vs. Chip Clip

Did you know that if you open a chip clip, it looks reminiscent of an open mouth on a statue? We certainly didn’t.  Then this happened.

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Master of temptation

I’ve mentioned before that we love the “leave it” command. Walking ten feet to get something out of the fridge only to find that the food you left has been swiped is no fun, not to mention potentially dangerous for … Continue reading

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