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Doing their share

Recently, we had some rewards points to use at Amazon and there are loads of household goods I would love to get.  Naturally, almost everything we ordered was for the dogs.  This was partially because we didn’t want to add … Continue reading

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Working for the beach

Our beach trips normally start by early April, but the weather has not been on our side lately.  During this year’s wintry and rainy spring, we managed to find one nice day for a lake trip.  The prep work for … Continue reading

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While this may seem like a normal thing for a dog to do, it was a huge discovery for Eddie.  This 2-3 year old dog transformed into a giant puppy for an afternoon!

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Winter Beach Day

Last weekend stayed rainy and dreary until Sunday afternoon.  The drizzle broke and it reached 70 degrees, so of course we had to head over to the lake to wear out the dogs a bit!  It turned out to be … Continue reading

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Fenced Yard Fun

While Nellie behaves wonderfully off leash, it’s rare for our boys to have the opportunity to run free. During the winter, Gambit and Rusty spent time at the dog park almost daily.  In an area where it’s sunny and warm … Continue reading

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Gambit gets a little freaked out by statues with faces.  I’m not sure if he has difficulty reading their expressions or if he’s just unhappy with their faces. Unfortunately for him, the beach house had both a set of foo … Continue reading

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Bath Time

When dogs need baths at our house, it tends to be a doggie bathing marathon. Gambit is very well behaved since he spent much of his puppyhood battling staph infections and demodex. This involved baths up to three times a … Continue reading

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Splish splash

While Gambit has seen the ocean before, the rest of the dogs hadn’t.  Actually, Nellie had only seen creeks, since it was too cool for the lakes when we fostered her. Nellie loved running around in the waves! She also … Continue reading

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Stubby little legs

Rusty and I are both vertically challenged. For me, historically this has meant climbing to reach top shelves, the ability to ride the kiddie lesson ponies, and being dwarfed by one side of my family. For Rusty, it means he … Continue reading

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Time heals many wounds

During Rusty’s time with us, he has made more progress than we initially thought would be possible.  While interaction with other dogs and acting  as his leaders during the first few weeks benefited him a great deal, he continued to … Continue reading

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