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Eddie fo Freddie’s guide to enjoying the couch

  1) Look cute and get permission to hop up on the couch.  Jumping up without asking results in getting kicked off.  Boo. 2) Throw your butt up in the air like you just don’t care. 3) Rub your face … Continue reading

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What’s better than a blankie?

A self-warming blankie, of course! Once upon a time, Daisy May had a beloved blanket that was fuzzy on top and crinkly inside.  The fuzzy part was nice and cozy, and the crinkly part trapped her body heat and radiated … Continue reading

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Cold weather blues

It’s not cold enough for the heat to kick on, but sure enough, someone is miserable.  Good thing he doesn’t live up north. Gambit spent a good bit of time whining at Eddie, who had the blanket on the floor, … Continue reading

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